What is another word for slovenly?

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"Slovenly" is an adjective that describes messy and careless behavior or appearance. However, there are several other synonyms that you can use to express the same idea. One of the closest options is "slouchy," which implies a lack of care and attention to detail. "Untidy" also works, as it suggests a messy and disorganized appearance. "Sloppy" is another synonym that is commonly used to describe someone who is unkempt and untidy. "Disheveled" is similar, suggesting a person with a disorganized or unkempt appearance. "Slatternly" is a more negative term, implying a person who is not only untidy but also dirty or unhygienic.

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How to use "Slovenly" in context?

Slovenliness is a quality that is considered undesirable in most cultures. The word "slovenly" is derived from the Slovene word "slovo" which means "word." Slovenliness is often associated with being untidy and having careless habits. The term "slovenliness" can also refer to being rough or brusque.

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