What is another word for shaggy?

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Shaggy is a word used to describe something unkempt, rough or untidy. There are many synonyms for this word, each with their own unique connotations. One possible synonym is "hairy," which suggests a wild and untamed appearance. Another option is "unkempt," which emphasizes a lack of grooming or care. "Rugged" is another synonym that implies a natural, outdoorsy aesthetic. Other synonyms for shaggy might include "disheveled," "matted," "tangled," or "rough." Each of these words options offers varying degrees of texture, messiness, and disarray, giving writers and speakers a variety of ways to describe a shaggy thing or person.

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How to use "Shaggy" in context?

The word "shaggy" has many different meanings, but in general it is a very hairy animal. The word can also refer to someone who is very untidy or careless.

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