What is another word for turbot?

Pronunciation: [tˈɜːbɒt] (IPA)

Turbot is a lean, tasty fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. Its firm, white flesh and mild flavor make it a popular option on many menus. However, if you're looking for synonyms for turbot, you might consider other types of flatfish. Sole, flounder, and halibut are all closely related to turbot and share many of the same characteristics. Additionally, other white fish such as cod, haddock, and sea bass can also be substituted for turbot in many recipes. Regardless of the synonym you choose, be sure to prepare your fish properly to bring out its best flavor and texture.

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  • meronyms for turbot (as nouns)

Usage examples for Turbot

Butter a baking-dish, put in a layer of cold cooked turbot flaked fine, cover with sauce, and repeat until the dish is full, having sauce on top.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
Myrtle Reed
She did not fail to say in or out of season, 'Il n'y a personne comme notre cher Marquis,' and as the turbot and fruit, that had arrived by the afternoon train from Dublin, were discussed, Milord did not cease to make the most appropriate remarks.
George Moore
Then why not get aboard the smack and larn to trawl for sole and turbot?
George Manville Fenn

Famous quotes with Turbot

  • How long most people would look at the best book before they would give the price of a large turbot for it?
    John Ruskin

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