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Smelt is a common word used to describe the process of extracting metal from its ore by heating it to a high temperature. However, there are several other words with similar meanings that can be used interchangeably with smelt. One synonym for smelt is fuse, which refers to the melting of a material to join it with another. Another synonym is melt, which can also be used to describe the process of turning a solid into a liquid through heating. Other synonyms for smelt include alloy, combine, and blend, all of which describe the process of mixing metals together or combining them with other materials to create new compounds.

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The smelt, Clupea harengus, is a small, oily fish found in cold, open water in the northern hemisphere. It is the only species in the genus Clupea. The smelt spawn in streams and rivers during the spring, and eat small insects and crustaceans.

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