What is another word for halibut?

Pronunciation: [hˈalɪbˌʌt] (IPA)

Halibut is a popular fish that is commonly found in the northern Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Fish lovers often search for synonyms for the word "halibut" to explore various types of fish with similar taste and texture. Some of the synonyms for halibut include flounder, sole, turbot, and cod. Flounder is a flatfish that has a mild, delicate flavor and a flaky texture, while sole is another flatfish that is known for its sweet and tender taste. Turbot is a meaty fish that resembles halibut in texture and taste, and cod is a lean and mild-flavored fish that can be a wonderful substitute for halibut in recipes.

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Usage examples for Halibut

You bet he would, the durned old halibut!
"The Girl of the Golden West"
David Belasco
The principal vegetables to be had in Iceland are turnips and potatoes, and of these there is only a limited supply; so that really fish remains the one staple diet of the Island,-on the coast this is eaten fresh, but it is dried before being packed and sent into the interior-cod, salmon, haddock, trout, halibut, herrings, flounders, and sometimes sharks.
"A Girl's Ride in Iceland"
Ethel Brilliana Alec-Tweedie
The New England fishermen, in the main, seek three sorts of fish-the mackerel, the cod, and the halibut.
"American Merchant Ships and Sailors"
Willis J. Abbot

Famous quotes with Halibut

  • I have a face that is a cross between two pounds of halibut and an explosion in an old clothes closet.
    David Niven

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