What is another word for satiny?

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When it comes to describing the feel and texture of a fabric, "satiny" is a common word used to convey a smooth, silky quality. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to provide more specific descriptions. For instance, "silken" can be used to refer to a fabric that is both smooth and shiny, while "sleek" suggests a glossy, polished texture. "Lustrous" similarly refers to a shiny and reflective surface, while "supple" connotes a soft and pliant texture. "Glossy," "smooth," and "silklike" are also other synonyms that can be applied to convey different aspects of the satiny texture.

How to use "Satiny" in context?

When we say "satiny," what comes to mind? The feel of a smoothly textured fabric? The sound of liquid sliding down a cylinder? Most people would say that satiny material has a shinny, smooth surface. In fact, the word "satiny" comes from the Latin word satinum, meaning "of silk." While silk is the traditional material of choice for satin, today's satin fabrics can be made from a variety of materials, including nylon and rayon.

In the textile world, a satin fabric is defined as a fabric with a very fine texture.

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