What is another word for un-hurt?

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[ ˈʌnhˈɜːt], [ ˈʌnhˈɜːt], [ ˈʌ_n_h_ˈɜː_t]

Unhurt is a word commonly used to describe someone or something that has not been physically injured or harmed. However, there are many synonyms that can be used in place of this word. Some other adjectives that can be used to describe the same state include unharmed, unscathed, unblemished, intact, and undamaged. Other words, such as safe, secure, and unaffected can also be used to convey the same message. It is important to use a variety of words when communicating, as this can add depth and nuance to your language. By incorporating these synonyms into your vocabulary, you can ensure that your writing and speaking is both precise and engaging.

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    Synonyms for Un-hurt:

    What are the hypernyms for Un-hurt?

    A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

    What are the opposite words for un-hurt?

    Un-hurt is a word that refers to a state of being free from physical or emotional harm. In order to find antonyms for this word, we must look for terms that convey the opposite meaning. The antonyms of un-hurt are numerous and can include words such as injured, wounded, hurt, harmed, damaged, impaired, or afflicted. These words describe a condition in which a person is in a state of pain, discomfort or has been impacted negatively in some way. By understanding these antonyms, we can better understand the opposite meaning of un-hurt and gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of safety and well-being in our daily lives.

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