What is another word for heard?

79 synonyms found


[ h_ˈɜː_d], [ hˈɜːd], [ hˈɜːd]

Synonyms for Heard:

eastern poison oak (adjective) observed (adjective)
  • looked at.
heard (verb) eastern poison oak Other synonyms: observed

Related words for Heard:

  • diables.

Rhymes for Heard:

  1. preferred, spurred, referred, recurred, word, interred, incurred, blurred, transferred, gird, deterred, third, stirred, purred, bird, slurred, demurred, occurred, byrd, unheard, reword, nerd, inferred, uncured, herd;
  2. deferred, concurred, absurd;
  3. undeterred;

Quotes for Heard:

  1. A friend of mine called and said they're interested in having you do a song for the new Pokemon. All my kids are grown up, so I'd heard of it, but I didn't really know what it was. Donna Summer.
  2. What do you know? Haven't you heard of suspension of disbelief? Ed Wood.
  3. It was in the Seventies but I still recall what was a good night for my club. Of course, the stadium has changed now but I have heard that the atmosphere is still the same. Carl Zeiss.

Idioms of Heard:

  1. You heard
  2. another country heard from;
  3. you should have seen/ heard sth/ sb;

Adjectives for Heard:

  • mostly rough and mountainous,
  • mostly rough,
  • rough and mountainous,
  • rough.