What is another word for hardy?

Pronunciation: [hˈɑːdi] (IPA)

Hardy is a term that refers to individuals that are strong, tough, and able to endure difficult circumstances. Synonyms for this word include resilient, sturdy, robust, rugged, and durable. These words describe someone or something that is able to withstand harsh conditions and remain intact. They can also be used to describe plants and animals that can survive in harsh climates. "Tenacious" is another synonym for hardy that connotes persistence and determination in overcoming obstacles. Overall, these words all represent a sense of toughness and fortitude, whether in people, animals, or objects.

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The word "hardy" is commonly used to describe someone or something that is strong and able to withstand difficult conditions. However, there are several antonyms that describe the opposite traits. Fragile, delicate, weak, vulnerable, and powerless are all words that carry opposite meanings to "hardy." These words indicate a lack of strength or ability to endure difficult circumstances. When speaking about plants or animals, words like sensitive, finicky, and temperamental are also antonyms to "hardy." It's important to know these antonyms in order to accurately describe the characteristics of people, things, or situations.

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Usage examples for Hardy

The cows are small in frame and quite short in the legs, but they are hardy and prolific, and mostly white.
"Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
Maturin M. Ballou
This is the northernmost settlement of the globe, a place beyond which even the hardy Eskimos attempt nothing but brief hunting excursions, and where, curiously, money is useless because it has no value.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
Already several millions of hardy, enterprising and patriotic freemen are scattered over this vast domain, and westward millions more are taking and will take their way in addition to the millions to the manor born.
"Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
Orange Jacobs

Famous quotes with Hardy

  • So popular is the naval service the only embarrassment is that men volunteer so rapidly we have to work overtime to give them hardy, adequate housing and proper training.
    Josephus Daniels
  • But the idea of a man making his living by writing seemed, in that hardy environment, so fantastic that even today I am sometimes myself assailed by a feeling of unreality.
    Robert E. Howard
  • Among the most viable of all economic delusions is the belief that machines on net balance create unemployment. Destroyed a thousand times, it has risen a thousand times out of its own ashes as hardy and vigorous as ever. Whenever there is long-continued mass unemployment, machines get the blame anew. This fallacy is still the basis of many labor union practices. The public tolerates these practices because it either believes at bottom that the unions are right, or is too confused to see just why they are wrong. The belief that machines cause unemployment, when held with any logical consistency, leads to preposterous conclusions. Not only must we be causing unemployment with every technological improvement we make today, but primitive man must have started causing it with the first efforts he made to save himself from needless toil and sweat.
    Henry Hazlitt
  • If the English version is in what, in our youth, we used to speak of affectionately as dear old iambic pentameter, the actors mercifully abstain from reciting it that way; they speak their lines as good, hardy prose.
    Dorothy Parker
  • One of the prime dangers of civilization has always been its tendency to cause the loss of virile fighting virtues, of the fighting edge. When men get too comfortable and lead too luxurious lives, there is always danger lest the softness eat like an acid into their manliness of fibre. The barbarian, because of the very conditions of his life, is forced to keep and develop certain hardy qualities which the man of civilization tends to lose, whether he be clerk, factory hand, merchant, or even a certain type of farmer.
    Theodore Roosevelt

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