What is another word for untold?

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"Untold" refers to something that hasn't been told or expressed fully. Its synonyms include "unspoken," "unsaid," "unrevealed," " uncommunicated," "unexpressed," "unvoiced," "unsung," "unacknowledged," and "unheard." "Unspoken" means something that hasn't been spoken aloud. "Unrevealed" implies that a secret has not yet been disclosed. "Unacknowledged" refers to something that hasn't been recognized, whereas "unsaid" and "unexpressed" mean something that hasn't been articulated yet. "Unsung" refers to a song that hasn't been sung yet, and "unheard" means that nobody has listened to it. All these synonyms convey the meaning that something is yet to be told, expressed, or made known to all.

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    There are a lot of untold stories that are out there, waiting to be discovered. Some are mysteries that have remained unsolved for decades, while others are stories that have been forgotten and left behind. Whether they are old forgotten legends or new, up-and-coming mysteries, these stories are worth discussing.

    Some of the oldest and most famous unsolved mysteries involve famous people. The Murder of JFK is one of the oldest and most famous unsolved mysteries, and it continues to fascinate people to this day. The shadow of the JFK assassination continues to loom over America, and it is still not clear who was responsible for his death.

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