What is another word for infinite?

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Infinite, which refers to something without limits or boundlessness, has several synonyms. These include unending, everlasting, perpetual, ceaseless, ongoing, eternal, limitless, boundless, infinite, and unlimited. Other synonyms that can be used interchangeably with infinite are inexhaustible, immeasurable, inexhaustible, limitless, and unfathomable. Depending on the context, these synonyms are often used to express a sense of endlessness or vastness, as well as the idea that something is beyond measure or comprehension. Regardless of the choice of synonym, it is essential to choose one that best captures the intended meaning within the given sentence.

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    When we think of infinity, we often think of infinite space or infinite time. What we don't often think about is the infinity of ideas. There's an infinity of ways to think about something, and an infinity of ways to solve a problem. There's also an infinity of ways to make something. There's an infinity of ways to create something new.

    One way to think about infinity is as a limitless source of creativity. You can use infinity as a tool to solve problems, or to create new ideas. You can also use infinity as a source of inspiration.

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