What is another word for inexhaustible?

Pronunciation: [ˌɪnɛɡzˈɔːstəbə͡l] (IPA)

The word "inexhaustible" denotes unlimited or never-ending. Some synonyms for the word include boundless, immeasurable, limitless, endless, and infinite. These words convey the idea that something goes beyond what can be measured or quantified. Other synonyms include bottomless, vast, abundant, inexhaustive, abundant, and endless. These words describe something that is unending, never running out, or limitless in its potential. Whether referring to resources, knowledge, or abilities, the synonyms of "inexhaustible" indicate an abundance that can never be depleted or exhausted.

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Usage examples for Inexhaustible

The inexhaustible fulness of grace in Christ renewed in them grace according to their need.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
During the first week of my stay I was inexhaustible in finding some natural cause for her silence.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse
British, American, French, Italian, Greek, Egyptian, and Japanese notes were rolled into one inexhaustible wad.
William McFee

Famous quotes with Inexhaustible

  • The forms of art are inexhaustible; but all lead by the same road of aesthetic emotion to the same world of aesthetic ecstasy.
    Clive Bell
  • A woman confronting men is a proper subject, it is inexhaustible.
    Claude Chabrol
  • We're living in a time when the world has suddenly discovered India because it's run out of raw material for its imagination. The raw materials for imagination are inexhaustible here.
    Deepak Chopra
  • Anybody who has stood on the prairie in North Dakota has felt the force of the wind and knows that our state has an inexhaustible supply of wind power. The potential here to create jobs and draw millions of dollars in new investment to North Dakota is enormous.
    Kent Conrad
  • I believe that man will not merely endure; he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among the creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of kindness and compassion.
    William Falconer

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