What is another word for immense?

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[ ɪmˈɛns], [ ɪmˈɛns], [ ɪ_m_ˈɛ_n_s]

Synonyms for Immense:

eastern poison oak (adjective) infinite (adjective) large (adjective) titanic (adjective) untold (adjective) eastern poison oak (noun) cosmic difficult eastern poison oak hulky infinite Other synonyms: titanic

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Rhymes for Immense:

  1. hence, thence, sense, dense, fence, tense, whence;
  2. commence, dispense, pretense, defense, incense, offense, condense, expense, defence, intense, suspense;
  3. commonsense;
  4. misrepresents;

Quotes for Immense:

  1. Speakers are not supposed to waste time on platitudes, but the capacity of this generation for ignoring the obvious and concentrating on the negative and the obscure is immense Arthur H. Sulzberger.
  2. I didn't realize that television has gone through immense changes and has become very progressive. Kiefer Sutherland.
  3. Our gratitude to the American people is immense and we should never be embarrassed to express it. Jalal Talabani.