What is another word for extricate?

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[ ˈɛkstɹɪkˌe͡ɪt], [ ˈɛkstɹɪkˌe‍ɪt], [ ˈɛ_k_s_t_ɹ_ɪ_k_ˌeɪ_t]

Synonyms for Extricate:

How to use "Extricate" in context?

When we think of extracting something from its surrounding, we may instinctively think of a tool like a socket wrench. But there are a number of ways to extract objects without resorting to tools.

One way is to use your fingers. Push down on the object until it pops out.

Another approach is to use a plunger. put the plunger over the object and push and pull it to extract it.

A third option is to use a vacuum cleaner. Put the vacuum cleaner tube over the object and turn it on. The objects will be sucked up and can be removed.

Finally, you can use a can opener.

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