What is another word for entrench?

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Entrenchment is a word that refers to the process of firmly establishing or embedding something, particularly a habit, belief, or practice. Synonyms for the term include fortify, reinforce, secure, establish, and embed. These interchangeable words convey the notion of establishing oneself firmly in a particular position or situation, being deeply entrenched and difficult to dislodge or overcome. The word "entrench" has a strong connotation of resistance to change, and this is reflected in the related words. Each of these synonyms emphasize the importance of being steadfast and resolute, and of maintaining a firm grip on one's position or perspective.

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Remember when playing war games as a child that you were tasked with entrenching your troops behind cover? Now imagine actually being entrenching, sitting in a trench that's barely tall enough to stand up in, and seeing artillery shells exploding all around you. This is what life is like for soldiers in the trenches of World War I.

Trenches were excavated in France and Belgium in order to give troops some protection from enemy fire. The process of entrenching began with a trench line being dug measuring two meters wide and 30 meters long.

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