What is another word for crush?

Pronunciation: [kɹˈʌʃ] (IPA)

Crush can mean different things depending on the context, and there are several synonyms for this word such as infatuation, admiration, obsession, attraction, and love. Infatuation refers to a strong feeling of fondness or liking for someone or something. On the other hand, admiration is a feeling of respect or approval for someone's qualities or achievements. The word obsession implies a persistent and unhealthy preoccupation with someone or something. Attraction pertains to the feeling of being drawn or allured towards someone. Lastly, love is a deep feeling of affection and care towards someone or something. Utilizing these synonyms allows greater clarity and precision when describing the type or intensity of one's feelings.

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What are the opposite words for crush?

The word "crush" refers to a feeling of romantic attraction or a physical object being smashed or squeezed. Its antonyms include words like compliment, praise, flatter, build, construct, create, and strengthen. These words refer to positive actions or emotions that are opposite to the idea of crushing or destroying something. For instance, instead of crushing someone's talent, one may choose to compliment them and praise their skills. Similarly, instead of crushing an object, one may build or construct something new with it. The antonyms of crush illustrate the importance of positivity, creativity, and growth in our daily lives.

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Usage examples for Crush

Whether he only meant to humiliate France still more, or whether he actually desired a new rupture so as to crush the country finally, is not clear.
"A History of the Third French Republic"
C. H. C. Wright
"It is so easy, so very easy, to crush a mob," said the Russian, "if you only direct your attention to the leader,-think of nothing but him.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
If the weight of my own self-contempt could crush me, I should be dead.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee

Famous quotes with Crush

  • The stars shall fade away, the sun himself Grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amidst the wars of elements, The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds.
    Joseph Addison
  • The mark of a true crush... is that you fall in love first and grope for reasons afterward.
    Shana Alexander
  • I've had a few gigs where things have got out of hand and there has been a huge crush with my fans. They are important and I don't want them being hurt. They are a mad crowd.
    Justin Bieber
  • My first crush was Spock. I thought it didn't get any better than Spock.
    Selma Blair
  • The tyrant grinds down his slaves and they don't turn against him, they crush those beneath them.
    Emily Bronte

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