What is another word for suppress?

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[ s_ə_p_ɹ_ˈɛ_s], [ səpɹˈɛs], [ səpɹˈɛs]

Synonyms for Suppress:

oppose (verb) prohibit (verb) withdraw (verb) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Suppress:

  1. press, hesse, hess, guess, less, s, crests, es, dress, mess, stress, chess, tress, bless, cress, fess, yes, ness;
  2. finesse, recess, assess, divests, excess, compress, fluoresce, contests, obsess, caress, distress, redress, attests, regress, noblesse, possess, molests, digests, repress, express, address, depress, digress, progress, suggests, requests, success, impress, transgress, profess, undress, largesse, oppress, egress, protests, aggress, confess;
  3. nonetheless, convalesce, cps, dispossess, repossess, acquiesce, oas, reassess, coalesce;
  4. nevertheless;

Quotes for Suppress:

  1. Indiscriminate firing by police on people is absolute barbarism. Instead of solving their problems, the government is trying to suppress the people by force. Sheikh Hasina.
  2. Do not suppress it- that would hurt you inside. Do not express it- this would not only hurt you inside, it would cause ripples in your surroundings. What you do is transform it. Peace Pilgrim.
  3. In some units it may suppress the motor discharge altogether, in some it may merely slow the motor discharge thus lessening the wave frequency of the contraction and so the tension. Charles Scott Sherrington.

Adjectives for Suppress:

  • best.