What is another word for variances?

Pronunciation: [vˈe͡əɹi͡ənsɪz] (IPA)

Variances is a term used to describe the differences between two or more things. There are many synonyms for variances, each with their own nuances and shades of meaning. One possible synonym is disparities, which refers to noticeable differences in size, shape, quantity or quality. Another synonym is variations, which refers to the slight changes or deviations from the norm. Other alternatives include divergences, deviations, discrepancies, and contrasts. Whatever term is used, it is important to understand that variances are not necessarily negative; they may simply reflect the diversity and complexity of the world around us.

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Usage examples for Variances

Under the next three successors of the Conqueror, none of whom enjoyed a completely legal recognition, it sometimes appeared as though England would again tear herself away from Normandy: such variances were not without influence on home affairs: in the general relations of the country they wrought no change at all.
"A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6)"
Leopold von Ranke
And then, within; these rough fellows have their quarrels and strifes and variances and envyings like the rest of us; but that was all over between them that had seen the rosy light; old enemies shook hands heartily, and roared with laughter as they confessed one to another what fools they had been.
"The Great Return"
Arthur Machen
In general, all major transportation modes would be affected-highways, streets, overpasses and bridges, mass transit systems, railroads, airports, pipelines, and ocean terminals, although major variances in losses are expected among the modes.
"An Assessment of the Consequences and Preparations for a Catastrophic California Earthquake: Findings and Actions Taken Prepared By Federal Emergency Management Agency"

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