What is another word for variation?

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The word variation has many synonyms, including diversity, deviation, alteration, modification, change, discrepancy, and fluctuation. These words are used to describe the differences between things, whether it be in biology, music, or language. Diversity refers to a wide range of differences within a group or population. Deviation implies a departure from a norm or standard. Alteration suggests a change in form or structure. Modification refers to the process of making something different. Change implies a transformation or shift from one state to another. Discrepancy describes an inconsistency or difference between two things. Fluctuation pertains to a change in levels or values over time.

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How to use "Variation" in context?

Variation is the bedrock of creativity. It's the engine that produces new ideas, interpretations, and perspectives. It's what allows us to experiment and grow in our knowledge and skills. But it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to exploring variation.

That's where creativity tools and techniques come in handy. They can help us explore variation in a way that's comfortable and stimulating. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of guidance to get started.

Here are a fewvariation tools and techniques that you may find helpful:

1. brainstorming.

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