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Disparity is a term that refers to a significant difference or inequality between two or more things. It can be used to describe economic, social, or political differences, among others. Synonyms for the term disparity include inequality, difference, dissimilarity, variance, contrast, disproportion, divergence, distance, and discrepancy. These synonyms are often used to describe the unequal distribution of wealth, resources, opportunities, and power across different groups or individuals. They can also be used to describe differences in opinion, perception, or interest between two or more parties. Regardless of its context, the term disparity highlights the existence of differences and suggests a need for greater equality and fairness.

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The disparity in wealth and power, especially between men and women, is one of the most glaring disparities in our society. A study released in 2014, by the World Economic Forum, ranked inequality as the greatest global threat to society. Globally, 1% of the population owns almost as much wealth as the rest of the population. This disparity is especially pronounced in developed countries, where the top 1% now owns more wealth than the bottom 60%. The main culprits for this disparity are globalization and technological change. They have forced many jobs to move offshore, making it harder for workers in industrialized countries to compete for wages.

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