What is another word for versions?

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Versions are alternate forms of something that are slightly or significantly different from one another. There are many synonyms and related words that can be used in place of this term. These include variations, editions, adaptations, renditions, interpretations, iterations, modifications, updates, revisions, changes, and alternatives. Each of these words emphasizes a different aspect of the concept of a version. For example, adaptations and interpretations suggest that the version has been customized to a particular context or audience. Iterations and modifications focus on changes that have been made to a previous version. Anyone looking to convey the idea of multiple forms of something can benefit from exploring these synonyms for versions.

How to use "Versions" in context?

of yourself

If you could visit any version of yourself, where would you go?

There are many versions of ourselves out there, some that are happier and more successful than others. There are versions of us that we would love to be, versions of us that we wish we were, and versions of us that we're afraid of. If we could visit any version of ourselves, where would we go?

Some of us might choose to go to our happiest memories, revisiting past successes and smiling at the happy moments. Others might want to go back to moments where we were upset and work through those feelings to learn from them.

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