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Divergence is a term used in mathematics, science, and economics to depict the difference between two values or ideas. In order to avoid overusing this term, synonyms for "divergence" can be implemented. One alternative term is "disparity," which denotes a significant difference or a gap between two or more things. Another synonym for "divergence" is "deviation," which suggests a departure from a norm or a standard. "Variation" is another substitute that suggests a diverse or distinct characteristic between two items. The term "divarication" proposes a parting or branching that can occur in different directions. Finally, "difference" highlights the differences between two things, ideas, or experiences. Using synonyms for "divergence" can bring variety and style to a piece of writing.

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Divergence is a difficult word to define, but it can be described as the separation of two or more trajectories, or courses, in a system. Divergence can occur within a system or between two or more systems. Divergence may result in two or more paths or courses of action becoming separated and taking divergent paths.

In mathematical terms, divergence can be expressed as the rate of change of some quantity, such as the distance between two points in a system. Divergence can also be expressed in terms of the Laplacian, a vectorial divergence measure.

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