What is another word for capability?

Pronunciation: [kˌe͡ɪpəbˈɪlɪti] (IPA)

Capability is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. There are various synonyms for capability that can be used interchangeably, depending on the context. One such synonym is competence, which refers to the ability to carry out tasks effectively. Another synonym is aptitude, which describes a natural ability or talent for a specific task or activity. The word capacity is also often used as a synonym for capability, as it refers to the maximum amount that something can hold or accomplish. Other potential synonyms include proficiency, skill, and talent, each of which describe a particular level of capability or ability in a specific area.

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Antonyms refer to words that have opposite meanings. When it comes to the word "capability," its antonyms include disability, incapacity, inability, incompetency, inadequacy, and incompetence. While capability refers to the ability or disposition to something, disability implies the lack or absence of ability. Incapacity and inability refer to the inability to perform a task while incompetency and incompetence imply a lack of skill, knowledge, or capacity to achieve certain goals. Inadequacy denotes the insufficiency of resources, skills, or abilities to perform a particular task adequately. Knowing these antonyms of capability can help to communicate opposing or contrasting ideas accurately.

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Usage examples for Capability

The conversation soon turned on Indian habits and customs; the numerical strength of the tribes in the great Columbia basin, their war tendencies and their desire of, and capability for a higher civilization, at least so far as the tribes under his supervision were concerned.
"Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
Orange Jacobs
I confess I am much impressed by the general type and the expression of quiet strength and capability of these men of the Indian Services.
"From Edinburgh to India & Burmah"
William G. Burn Murdoch
To grow in consciousness is to grow in the capability and in the desire for joy; to decline rather than advance, in the physical power of attaining it.
"A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)"
Mrs. Sutherland Orr

Famous quotes with Capability

  • We've got to ensure that the quality and the capability of these forces will be good enough to withstand the challenges that the insurgents and the terrorists will present to the new Iraqi government.
    John Abizaid
  • Although it's only the beginning of the championship, I am very surprised at my capability.
    Jean Alesi
  • Aside from a handful of guys boxing is missing the good trainers, that's why our sport is so in the air now because we don't have people who have the capability to not only train fighters but also train and create decent respectable citizens of the world.
    Alexis Arguello
  • I believe more in precision, when you have the capability, like when you see a mosquito fly and you're able to hit it, you're able to hit it with a couple of short sharp shots... it's a beautiful thing.
    Alexis Arguello
  • The threat from Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction - chemical, biological, potentially nuclear weapons capability - that threat is real.
    Tony Blair

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