What is another word for waft?

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Waft is a beautiful word that suggests the gentle movement of air. It often describes a pleasant aroma or scent that is carried by the breeze. However, there are several other synonyms that convey similar or slightly different meanings. For instance, "float" may suggest a more buoyant sensation, while "drift" implies a slower, unhurried movement. "Breeze" and "wind" both suggest a more forceful movement of air, while "whisper" and "murmur" suggest a hushed, secretive aspect. Other synonyms for "waft" include "carry," "transport," "emanate," "waif," and "smell." Each of these words paints a different picture of the sensations conveyed by the movement of air, making them a valuable addition to any writer's vocabulary.

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What does the word "waft" mean?

When air is moved over some body (such as a surface), it is said to "waft" or "hover.

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