What is another word for pervade?

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Pervade is a word commonly used to describe something that is present throughout a place or thing, often referring to an intangible quality or feeling. Some synonyms for pervade include saturate, infuse, permeate, suffuse, and imbue. These words emphasize the idea of something spreading or permeating every part of a particular space or experience. Other related synonyms include envelop, fill, overflow and penetrate. Depending on the context, these synonyms can be more or less fitting than one another, but they all convey a sense of a pervasive influence or presence in a given situation.

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    Pervade means to spread throughout or to be present throughout. The antonyms for this word include isolated, rare, scarce, situated, and confined. Isolated conveys a sense of being alone and away from others. Rare means scarce or seldom seen. Scarce means something that is in short supply, while situated refers to being in a particular location. Confined implies that something is restricted or limited in its extent. These words are opposite in meaning to pervade and can be used in different contexts to convey a sense of restriction, remoteness, scarcity, or limited presence.

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    Usage examples for Pervade

    The sweet, lingering sound seemed to pervade the summer air.
    "In Wild Rose Time"
    Amanda M. Douglas
    If I have dwelt somewhat at length on my early life, it is not because I am attempting to give prominence to my own feelings or actions, but that the reader may understand how intense and all-absorbing a feeling of affectionate gratitude may become,-how it may color and pervade a whole existence.
    "Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life"
    Ann S. Stephens
    The frequent changes from place to place, the noise, the new people, the intense haste that seemed to pervade all that went on, addled me to that degree that I had few collected thoughts at the time, and no memory of them afterwards.
    "That Boy Of Norcott's"
    Charles James Lever

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