What is another word for scuff?

Pronunciation: [skˈʌf] (IPA)

Scuff means to scratch or scrape the surface of something with your shoe or something else. It can also mean to walk without lifting your feet. Some synonyms for scuff include scratch, grind, rub, score, scrape, or chafe. These words can be used to describe the action of damaging a surface or making a mark by dragging something across it. In terms of walking without lifting your feet, words such as shuffle, trudge, drag, or plod can be used instead of scuff. These words help to add variety to writing and communication, preventing the overuse of a particular word or phrase.

Synonyms for Scuff:

What are the hypernyms for Scuff?

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What are the hyponyms for Scuff?

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What are the opposite words for scuff?

The word "scuff" refers to the act of dragging or shuffling one's feet along the ground, often resulting in marks or scratches. Some antonyms for "scuff" are smooth, glide, and sail. "Smooth" refers to the act of moving across a surface with ease, without stumbling or hindrance. "Glide" implies a graceful, effortless movement, as if sliding through the air. "Sail" suggests a swift, unimpeded motion, like a ship moving smoothly over calm waters. By contrast, "scuff" implies a clumsy or careless movement, and its antonyms suggest a more confident, purposeful, and graceful way of moving.

What are the antonyms for Scuff?

Usage examples for Scuff

I scuff and stamp the snow away and pull it open with difficulty.
"Adventures In Friendship"
David Grayson
"I don't know," returned the little girl, "but I only have to scuff some, and then they'll stay on.
"Jewel A Chapter In Her Life"
Clara Louise Burnham
"Oh, I'm too happy to scuff," and she kicked off the other rubber.
"Jewel A Chapter In Her Life"
Clara Louise Burnham

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