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"Flog" is a strong action word used for beating or whipping someone as a form of punishment. Some synonyms of the word are lash, scourge, thrash, whip, and beat. Each of these words implies a particularly brutal kind of hitting or striking. Another synonym could be discipline or reprimand, but in a non-physical manner. "Flog" also has some other meanings, such as promoting or selling something aggressively. In this context, the synonyms for "flog" could be endorse, advocate, champion, or tout. It is important to use the right word to convey the intended meaning, as synonyms can have different connotations.

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How to use "Flog" in context?

The word "flog" is derived from the Old English word "floga" meaning "a rope with a knob at one end, used for punishing criminals.". Today, "flog" typically refers to the act of whipping someone with a rope, cable, or rod. The severity of the flogging can depend on the type of flogging instrument used.

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