What is another word for flog?

Pronunciation: [flˈɒɡ] (IPA)

"Flog" is a strong action word used for beating or whipping someone as a form of punishment. Some synonyms of the word are lash, scourge, thrash, whip, and beat. Each of these words implies a particularly brutal kind of hitting or striking. Another synonym could be discipline or reprimand, but in a non-physical manner. "Flog" also has some other meanings, such as promoting or selling something aggressively. In this context, the synonyms for "flog" could be endorse, advocate, champion, or tout. It is important to use the right word to convey the intended meaning, as synonyms can have different connotations.

Synonyms for Flog:

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What are the opposite words for flog?

"Flog" means to beat or whip severely as a punishment. It is a violent act that often causes physical harm to the victim. Antonyms for "flog" are words that have the opposite meaning, such as "protect," "defend," "shield," "guard," and "safeguard." These words refer to acts that prevent harm and protect individuals from being attacked or punished. Other antonyms for "flog" include "reward," "praise," "commend," and "applaud." These words are used to express approval and admiration for someone's behavior, achievements, or contributions to society. In short, antonyms for "flog" are words that convey kindness, help, and positivity.

What are the antonyms for Flog?

Usage examples for Flog

Instinct seemed to whisper that he was passing through still another phase, that presently he would be all right again-just as vigorous and energetic as in the past; and that meanwhile he should not flog and spur himself, but just rest patiently until all his force returned to him.
"The Devil's Garden"
W. B. Maxwell
If you're not smart enough about it, I'll flog the last man in off the yards."
"Paddy Finn"
W. H. G. Kingston
I'll flog that scorpion!
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz

Famous quotes with Flog

  • All the knowing ones were consulted as to the issue, and they all agreed, to a man, in one of two opinions: either that Bob would flog Billy, or Billy would flog Bob.
    Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
  • In the younger days of the Republic there lived in the county of - two men, who were admitted on all hands to be the very best men In the county; which, in the Georgia vocabulary, means they could flog any other two men in the county.
    Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
  • But hummus. When did that happen?...but there's a restaurant down the road that that's all they do. That is isn't a proper meal, that's a side-order innit? That's like having a restaurant just floggin' tomato ketchup. Hummus isn't a meal. They don't even try and kid ya to get you in to flog you just hummus, they actually say Oh it's hummus today. Not gonna work, they shut down within a month.
    Karl Pilkington
  • It's wrong to flog a man. It's against his being a man.
    Peter Ustinov

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