What is another word for slog?

Pronunciation: [slˈɒɡ] (IPA)

Slog is a common term that refers to the act of working hard and persistently towards a particular goal. There are several synonyms for this term that can be used interchangeably. Some of the most commonly used synonyms for slog include toil, grind, labor, exertion, drudgery, grindstone, hardship, effort, and struggle. These words all have the same connotation of working hard and pushing through obstacles to achieve a particular outcome. Whether you're talking about academic work, physical exercise, or pursuing a career, the concept of slogging through difficult times and persevering is a common one that is often reflected in the language we use to describe our experiences.

Synonyms for Slog:

What are the hypernyms for Slog?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for slog?

The word "slog" is commonly used to describe a difficult or tedious task, but it also has several antonyms that can help to provide relief to its negative connotation. Some common antonyms for "slog" include "glide," "coast," "cruise," "float," and "soar," all of which suggest ease and effortlessness. Other antonyms for "slog" include "win," "triumph," "thrill," "delight," "enjoy," "relish," "savor," "excite," and "pleasure," all of which imply a sense of joy and satisfaction. By embracing these antonyms, individuals can shift their attitudes towards slog and enjoy their tasks with a positive outlook.

Usage examples for Slog

The torture of the heavy pack nearly killed him; but in time, as his muscles developed, he was able to slog along under the burden.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
On the other hand, if we sow the wild oats of cricket-in other words, if we risk everything for the fleeting satisfaction of a blind "slog"-we shall be bowled, stumped, or caught out for a moral certainty.
"A Cotswold Village"
J. Arthur Gibbs
Our football players slog daily for six or seven weeks; English teams seldom or never "practice," and play at most two matches a week.
"An American at Oxford"
John Corbin

Famous quotes with Slog

  • I had to think whether, after 50 years of hard slog, I was still lucid and fresh enough for the job.
    Jacques Delors
  • You are a mystery in an enigma in a big ball of fur, An irresistible magnet to every child and flea and burr. Your nose is high-resolution while I live in a near-scentless fog You run at high speed, while I just have to slog (but it's a good ol' slog) So I just want to thank you for being my dog....
    Richard Summerbell
  • How wonderful that there are still people around who’ll put in the hours of thought and hard slog so that people like me can simply sit back and lap it all up without being blinded by fire and brimstone and a vast array of visible trickery. How wonderful that there are still those who rely on performance rather than props, on delivery rather than pure end-result. How marvellous to enjoy a mere handful of props and, to be crude, a truckload of talent. –
    Derren Brown

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