What is another word for Queen Anne's Lace?

Pronunciation: [kwˈiːn ˈanz lˈe͡ɪs] (IPA)

Queen Anne's Lace is a beautiful and delicate wildflower that grows mainly in North America. It has a unique appearance with its lacy, white petals and lovely green foliage. The flower is also popularly known as wild carrot, bird's nest, Bishop's lace, and Daucus carota. The name wild carrot comes from the plant's long, slender root that resembles a carrot. Bird's nest refers to the arrangement of the flower, which looks like a bird's nest. On the other hand, Bishop's lace comes from its association with ancient religious figures. Finally, Daucus carota is the scientific name for Queen Anne's Lace, named after the carrot family plant it belongs to.

Synonyms for Queen anne's lace:

What are the hypernyms for Queen anne's lace?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Semantically related words: wild carrot, wild carrot plant, carrot family

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