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Pronunciation: [flˈaks] (IPA)

Flax, also known as linseed or linum usitatissimum, is a member of the Linaceae family. Although the plant is commonly referred to as flax, it has several synonyms that are associated with its various uses and qualities. Linseed, for example, is often used to describe the seeds of the flax plant which are typically used to produce linseed oil. Other synonyms for flax include common flax, tender flax, fiber flax, and oilseed flax. Each of these synonyms is used to describe a specific type of flax and its associated uses, such as the production of textiles, paper, or nutritional supplements. Whether you call it flax, linseed, or any of its other synonyms, this versatile plant is an essential component of many industries and a valuable source of nutrition and health benefits.

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The word "flax" refers to a plant that is commonly cultivated for its fiber and seeds. It has many uses, including making linen, oil, and food products. However, when we think of antonyms for the word "flax," we might consider different types of plants that cannot offer the same benefits. Antonyms could include cacti, succulents, or other desert plants that do not produce fibers or seeds for human use. Alternatively, antonyms might be plants that grow quickly and can be used for paper production or as sources of wood. In any case, the idea of an antonym for flax might be somewhat unusual but highlights the diversity of plant life.

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Usage examples for Flax

The manager of a factory may seldom touch the cotton, flax, iron, or other material, which is manufactured; nevertheless, he works with his head and his pen, calculating the prices at which he can produce goods, inquiring where he can buy the materials most cheaply, choosing good workmen, keeping the accounts straight, and so on.
"Political economy"
W. Stanley Jevons
One time she told a neighbour that the money she saved from her dealings in flax would be found near a big rock on the lake-shore, which she indicated, and that she wanted the three children to have it.
"The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries"
W. Y. Evans Wentz
The Father left us then; and with the help of Hugh's sister as an interpreter I took down what he said:- The flax-Seller's Return from Faerie.
"The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries"
W. Y. Evans Wentz

Famous quotes with Flax

  • Here we grow the flax and grain; here we raise the meat they eat, and the wool to keep them warm; we cut trees to build their houses and firewood to heat their stoves.
    Ernest Poole
  • Educating a son I should allow him no fairy tales and only a very few novels. This is to prevent him from having 1. the sense of romantic solitude (if he is worth anything he will develop a proper and useful solitude) which identification with the hero gives. 2. cant ideas of right and wrong, absurd systems of honor and morality which never will he be able completely to get rid of, 3. the attainment of ideals, of a priori desires, of a priori emotions. He should amuse himself with fact only: he will then not learn that if the weak younger son do or do not the magical honorable thing he will win the princess with hair like flax.
    Lionel Trilling
  • The planting of hemp and flax would be an unknown advantage to the kingdom, many places therein being as apt for it , as any foreing parts.
    Francis Bacon

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