What is another word for algae?

Pronunciation: [ˈalɡiː] (IPA)

Algae are aquatic plants that can be found in a variety of habitats, from freshwater to saltwater environments. There are many different types of algae, and they are often referred to by different names. Some common synonyms for the word algae include seaweed, kelp, pond scum, and diatoms. Seaweed is a general term used for any type of aquatic plant, while kelp specifically refers to large brown algae found around rocky shorelines. Pond scum is a term used for algae that forms on the surface of stagnant water, and diatoms are microscopic algae that inhabit both freshwater and saltwater environments. Whatever the name, algae play an important role in the ecological balance of aquatic ecosystems.

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Usage examples for Algae

algae are collected in the spring, on the coasts of Ireland, Scotland, and Normandy, where rough weather throws them up.
"An Introduction to Chemical Science"
R.P. Williams
These mysterious jack o' lanterns of the arctic are caused by the crashing together of icebergs covered with phosphorescent algae.
"The Eternal Maiden"
T. Everett Harré
It will be observed that even aquatic plants and algae though growing in or under water, are nevertheless connected with the earth; so that the phrase, "Let the earth bring forth," is by no means inappropriate.
"Creation and Its Records"
B.H. Baden-Powell

Famous quotes with Algae

  • For example, in my own State of Arizona, an Israeli scientist is working with an Arizona company on a demonstration project involving a very fast-growing algae which can be used to power a biomass energy plan.
    John Shadegg
  • Houses stretched off on all sides, sometimes dipping below the ground and sometimes emerging out of it, piling themselves into pyramids, into almost toppling waves, never one rooftree more than eighty yards from the next. The planet was covered. There were the old, open-air cities planted with whatever would grow, mountains honeycombed, resorts in Antarctica, covered roads crammed with carrier traffic only, hovercraft, sea-craft, masses, structures, and installations under the sea, nets of algae towed in the air, some insects and no animals whatever, but people, people, people everywhere.
    Joanna Russ

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