What is another word for waterfront?

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The term "waterfront" commonly refers to a location near the edge of a body of water. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can be used to describe the same thing. One such synonym is "shoreline," which refers to the boundary where land and water meet. Another synonym for waterfront is "seaside," which is often used to describe locations along the coast of the ocean. Other synonyms include "riverfront," "beachfront," and "harborfront." These terms are often used interchangeably and can be used to describe locations ranging from bustling cities with a busy waterfront to secluded areas with a more natural and serene shoreline.

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    The word waterfront implies a location situated by the water, whether it's a river, lake, ocean, or sea. Antonyms for waterfront can be terms that refer to a landlocked area, mountainous terrain, or a place with no significant water source nearby. These could include words like hinterland, highland, plateau, or desert. Another antonym for waterfront could be "interior," which denotes an area that is away from the coast or any water source. Similarly, "inland" or "upland" can also be antonyms for waterfront. In summary, the antonyms for waterfront describe an area or location that is disconnected from a water body, which is the opposite of what the term waterfront signifies.

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    Usage examples for Waterfront

    A small cottage on Mallorca, near the waterfront, was found to be in McAllen's name.
    "Gone Fishing"
    James H. Schmitz
    The rampaging fire, started during the evacuation, leveled the waterfront and the business district.
    "The Civil War Centennial Handbook"
    William H. Price
    In the busy, unlovely streets of the waterfront of Georgetown, one is often jostled; in the markets, it is often difficult at times to make one's way; but in the gardens a solitary laborer grubs among the roots, a coolie woman swings by with a bundle of grass on her head, or, in the late afternoon, an occasional motor whirrs past.
    "Edge of the Jungle"
    William Beebe

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