What is another word for seafront?

Pronunciation: [sˈiːfɹʌnt] (IPA)

Seafront is a commonly used term to describe a coastal location where land meets the sea. However, there are various synonyms that could be used instead of the word seafront. One of the most common synonyms is waterfront, which refers to any location that is situated by the water or has direct access to a body of water. Beachfront is another synonym that relates specifically to the sandy strip of land that borders the sea. Other synonyms include shoreline, oceanfront, and coast. Each of these synonyms captures different aspects of the same concept: the close proximity of land to the sea, often accompanied by stunning views and access to recreational activities.

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    • Noun, singular or mass
      promenade, water-front.

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Usage examples for Seafront

The upper part of the town had grown more calm, but from the seafront came frightful shrieks.
"Naples Past and Present"
Arthur H. Norway
Off the nervous ones went, and left the big hotel, the long curved seafront, the miles of yellow sand, the high green headlands, the best golf-links in the East of England, and all the other attractions mentioned in the hotel advertisements, to a handful of people, who were too nerve-proof, lazy, fatalistic, or indifferent to bother about Zeppelins.
"The Shrieking Pit"
Arthur J. Rees
He could even hear the clatter of a belated vehicle driving along the seafront.
"Light Freights, Complete"
W. W. Jacobs

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