What is another word for coast?

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Coast is a word that refers to the area where the land meets the sea or ocean, but there are many synonyms for this term. One such synonym is shoreline, which describes the boundary between the land and the water. Another synonym is seashore, which emphasizes the presence of the sea. The term littoral also refers to the coast and includes the area both above and below the waterline. The word beach is another common synonym for coast, and it usually describes a sandy or pebbly area along the shore. Other synonyms for coast include coastland, seaside, and waterfront, all of which describe coastal areas.

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    The coast is a distinct geographic feature comprising the shoreline of a large body of water. The boundary between the land and water is not absolute, but is usually clearly marked. The ocean coastline is often more dramatic than the inland boundaries due to the greater range and variety of sea and land environments found along its shores. Coastal areas can be extremely diverse, offering outstanding opportunities for vacationers and tourists.

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    • khost, COSTE.

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