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The term "margin" has multiple synonyms. In the business world, it can refer to profit, markup, or yield. In writing or print, it can refer to white space, border, or edge. In finance, it can refer to collateral, security, or buffer. Margin can also be used to describe a difference or gap between two things, such as distance, separation, or variance. Additionally, it can refer to the limit or cutoff point, such as threshold, limit, or boundary. With so many synonyms available, it is essential to understand the context in which the term is being used to properly interpret its meaning.

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How to use "Margin" in context?

Margin is simply the amount of space left between the edge of a document or object and the surrounding surface. It can be thought of as the buffer between an object and its surroundings. Margin isessential when designing documents, websites and presentations. It provides a buffer against distractions and helps lessen the sense of claustrophobia. It also provides a visual edge to a design which can help to control the eye's movement. Margin should never be too minimal or excessive; a balance should be struck between its importance and the visual impact it can have.

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    • communication

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