What is another word for weak-kneed?

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[ wˈiːknˈiːd], [ wˈiːknˈiːd], [ w_ˈiː_k_n_ˈiː_d]

The phrase "weak-kneed" is used to describe someone who lacks courage, strength, or determination. Some synonyms for "weak-kneed" include "timid," "fearful," "spineless," "vacillating," and "indecisive." Other synonyms include "nervous," "apprehensive," "anxious," and "uncertain." These words all convey a sense of weakness or hesitation, suggesting that the individual is easily intimidated, lacks confidence, or is simply unsure of themselves. Whether used to describe a person, an idea, or a situation, synonyms for "weak-kneed" convey a sense of hesitation or reluctance that can be detrimental to success or progress.

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How to use "Weak-kneed" in context?

The term "weak-kneed" is used to describe someone who is too timid or cowardly to stand up for themselves. Weak-kneed individuals tend to shirk responsibility and often rely on others to take care of them. They are often passive and avoid conflict. These qualities can make them vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation.

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