What is another word for stalwart?

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Stalwart is an adjective that means loyal, dependable, and strong. It can also refer to someone who is tenacious and determined. Synonyms for stalwart include steadfast, resolute, unwavering, reliable, faithful, steadfast, trusty, and stalwart itself. Other synonyms include staunch, constant, immovable, unswerving, unyielding, and staunch-hearted. These words all describe someone who is firm in their convictions, and will not easily be swayed. They also describe someone who is brave, courageous, and righteous. Whether you are describing a loyal friend, a dependable ally, or a strong and courageous leader, these synonyms for stalwart will help you find the right words to describe them accurately and profoundly.

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    There are many adjectives that could be used to describe someone who is stalwart. These adjectives might include brave, durable, and steadfast. These adjectives would all fit perfectly to describe someone who is a stalwart fighter. A stalwart fighter is someone who is brave enough to stand up to anyone and anything. They are also durable enough to handle any situation that comes their way. Lastly, they are steadfast in their beliefs and are never afraid to stand up for what they believe in. These three qualities make a stalwart fighter a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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