What is another word for opinionated?

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Opinionated is a term that is sometimes used to describe someone who firmly holds and expresses their beliefs on a particular topic or issue. However, if you're looking to describe someone in a more subtle or nuanced way, there are several synonyms that could convey the same idea. For example, you might describe someone as being strong-willed, assertive, decisive, or resolute. Alternatively, you could say that they are uncompromising, steadfast, or unwavering in their convictions. Ultimately, the right synonym for opinionated will depend on the context and the tone of your writing, so it's important to choose words that accurately reflect the person's personality and attitude.

Synonyms for Opinionated:

How to use "Opinionated" in context?

When someone is said to be opinionated, it can often connote a certain level of arrogance or stubbornness. It's not always a bad thing, though - in fact, some people who are opinionated are actually quite articulate and passionate about the things that interest them. If you're someone who likes to have strong opinions, then you're probably opinionated, too. But there are definitely times when being opinionated can get in the way of getting what you really want. If you're always pushing your own agenda, for instance, you may not be as successful as you could be because you're not listening to others.

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