What is another word for Whales?

Pronunciation: [wˈe͡ɪlz] (IPA)

Whales: Synonyms and Related Terms Whales, the magnificent marine mammals, are often described as kings of the oceans. These majestic creatures come in various forms and shapes, with different sizes and characteristics. To refer to these massive mammals, we can use various synonyms, such as cetaceans, sea giants, leviathans, sea beasts, and marine behemoths. Among the most popular types of whales are humpback, blue, killer, sperm, and beluga whales, each with unique physical features and behaviors. These magnificent creatures play an important role in our ecosystems and are a subject of fascination for many people. Whether you prefer to call them by their scientific or colloquial names, whales will always be a sight to behold.

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Usage examples for Whales

The Board of Trade did not say that the landlords had any right to claim the Whales; they advised me to go to law and see; but I did not think it advisable to incur the expense of raising an action on my own account.
"Second Shetland Truck System Report"
William Guthrie
I had a share in the Whales that were driven ashore, and I wrote to the Board of Trade about it, but it seemed they could do nothing; at least they did not choose to do anything in the matter.
"Second Shetland Truck System Report"
William Guthrie
4405. Have you had anything to do with taking Whales on the coast?
"Second Shetland Truck System Report"
William Guthrie

Famous quotes with Whales

  • Whales only get harpooned when they come to the surface, and turtles can only move forward when they stick their neck out, but investors face risk no matter what they do.
    Charles A. Jaffe
  • The very first Walnut Whales recording was recorded just a few weeks after I had started singing, out of the blue, started singing. And the voice, you can hear how uncomfortable I am with it, and how terrified I am with it.
    Joanna Newsom
  • Whales have calves, Cats have kittens Bears have Cubs, Bats have bittens, Swans have cygnets, Seals have puppies, But guppies just have little guppies.
    Ogden Nash

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