What is another word for ruck?

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Ruck is often used in the context of rugby or football, where it refers to a mass of players from both teams who are in close contact with each other, trying to gain possession of the ball. There are several synonyms for the word ruck, such as scrum, melee, pile-up, and scrabble. A scrum is a type of ruck that occurs in rugby where eight players from each team push against each other to gain control of the ball. Melee is another word that can be used to describe a chaotic situation where players are closely contesting possession of the ball. Pile-up and scrabble both refer to situations where players are scrambling to grab the ball.

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    Ruck is derived from Middle English words meaning to carry, as in a burden. The word became a form of military slang in the 16th century, and its first use in English was recorded in 1539. It began to be used in the UK Army as a term for a group of soldiers marching together, and by the mid-19th century, it had become the standard term for a military formation of any size. In the 20th century, ruck became especially associated with the British Armed Forces, and is now used by military organisations all over the world.

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