What is another word for others?

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When exploring synonyms for the word "others," there are several options to consider. One alternative is "individuals," which suggests distinct, unique persons. Another choice is "outsiders," which can suggest those who are not part of a particular group or community. "Strangers" may also be used to refer to people who are not known to the speaker or group. "Peers" can refer to those who are of similar age or status. "Colleagues" can describe those who work alongside one another, while "acquaintances" may be used to refer to those who are known, but not necessarily close friends. Finally, "fellow human beings" suggests a shared humanity and connections between all people.

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How to use "Others" in context?

We tend to define ourselves by who we are and what we do. This is natural and important, but it can be limiting. Our interactions with others are what help us to expand our horizons and grow. By paying attention to others and learning about their lives, we can become better people ourselves.

When we interact with others, we learn about their hopes, dreams, and fears. We may even find common ground and become closer friends. But we should not just limit our interactions to people who are like us. There are plenty of interesting and unique people out there. We should learn about them and try to understand them.

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