What is another word for yesteryear?

Pronunciation: [jˈɛstəjˌi͡ə] (IPA)

Yesteryear, a term used to describe the past, can be replaced with several synonyms that carry the same sentiment and meaning. Words such as "bygone era," "days gone by," "decades ago," "past times," "the good old days," and "retro period" can be used interchangeably with yesteryear. Other synonyms include "historic period," "time gone by," "olden days," and "nostalgic era." These words are often used to evoke a sense of nostalgia and to reflect on a simpler time in the past. Ultimately, whether you use yesteryear or any of its synonyms, they all aim to capture the same spirit of the past.

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What are the hypernyms for Yesteryear?

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What are the opposite words for yesteryear?

The antonyms for the word "yesteryear" are related to the present and the future. Today, the opposite of yesteryear is termed as the present, signifying what is happening right now. The antonyms for yesteryear can also refer to the future, symbolizing the years to come. Words like modernity, present-day, and contemporary are a few examples of antonyms for yesteryear. These words imply current technology, current trends, and current cultural preferences. In contrast to yesteryear, these antonyms reflect the advanced state of society, with regards to social, economic, and technological advancements. Thus, the antonyms for yesteryear embody the constant evolution of society and the embodiment of progress.

What are the antonyms for Yesteryear?

Usage examples for Yesteryear

yesteryear he was mad for the open air, and the games, and the joy of life.
"The God of Love"
Justin Huntly McCarthy
His suit was cut in the style of yesteryear but when a suit costs two or three hundred dollars you still retain caste whatever the styling.
"Unborn Tomorrow"
Dallas McCord Reynolds
He would feel guilt when he disparaged others that seeped into his veins while ghosts of yesteryear suddenly vexed him making him feel numb and cold inside.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito"
Steven Sills

Famous quotes with Yesteryear

  • The quality of ownership is not what it was in yesteryear.
    Art Modell
  • I play music the way it was played in yesteryear.
    Compay Segundo
  • But wow! This goofy child president we have on our hands now. He is demonstrably a fool and a failure, and this is only the summer of '03. By the summer of 2004, he might not even be living in the White House. Gone, gone, like the snows of yesteryear.
    Hunter S. Thompson
  • The most peaceable tribes of today were often ravagers of yesteryear and will probably again produce soldiers and murderers in the future.
    E. O. Wilson
  • Gnawing upon our resentment, we stretch out in an iron cage, Watching the slow passage of days and months. How we despise the insolent crowd outside, Standing there foolishy, with tiny eyes bulging, As they mock the stately spirit of the deep jungle. Here by misfortune, shamefully caged, We are no more than a novel sight to amuse them, some plaything... O stately soul, heroic land, Vast domain where yesteryear we freely roamed, We see you no more. But do you know that during our days of frustration We follow a great dream, letting our souls race to be near you, O formidable jungle of ours!
    Thế Lữ

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