What is another word for previous?

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Previous is an adjective that indicates something that came before or occurred earlier. Some synonyms for previous include former, past, prior, pre-existing, anterior, preceding and earlier. They can all be used interchangeably in sentences to indicate things that happened in the past, such as "In the previous chapter, we discussed the fundamentals of accounting." Other examples of their usage are "His previous experience as a teacher made him qualified for the job," or "I saw him earlier today in the park." In summary, these synonyms for previous offer language versatility that can add more detail and clarity to your writing.

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    Previous is an adjective that is usually used to describe something that came before or happened earlier. Its antonym can be defined as something that comes after or occurs later. A few common antonyms for the word previous include succeeding, following, subsequent, later, and next. Other antonyms may also include words such as latter, ultimate, subsequent, future, next, and latter. When we use these words in our sentences, we can clearly convey the opposite meaning of previous. Using antonyms can help to make our writing and conversation more effective and informative, allowing us to express ourselves in a clearer way.

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    Usage examples for Previous

    We have already observed the connection between the thirteenth verse and the events of the previous night.
    "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
    G. A. Chadwick
    As at the previous stop she did not enjoy a full sound sleep, she now fell into that deep sleep which after fatigue comes towards morning.
    "In Desert and Wilderness"
    Henryk Sienkiewicz
    Stas understood that this last journey would not be any easier than the previous ones and began to worry about Nell, as changes were taking place in her.
    "In Desert and Wilderness"
    Henryk Sienkiewicz

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