What is another word for youngsters?

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[ jˈʌŋstəz], [ jˈʌŋstəz], [ j_ˈʌ_ŋ_s_t_ə_z]

Related words: children, young adults, young people, teenagers

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    How to use "Youngsters" in context?

    In today's society, it's become all too prevalent for young adults to suffer from low self-esteem. Unfortunately, this can be traced back to the way youngsters are treated in society. Altogether, youngsters make up the largest segment of the population and as such, their perceptions hold a great deal of weight when it comes to the future course of our culture. Forrester Research defines youngsters as anyone under the age of 35.

    While this definition might leave some room for interpretation, it's clear that young people comprise an important demographic.

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