What is another word for inmates?

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Inmates is a term that usually refers to a person who is held in a correctional facility such as prison. Synonyms for inmates include prisoners, convicts, detainees, felons, inmates, captives, offenders, and wrongdoers. These terms describe people who have been incarcerated due to a crime or criminal offense. Other terms that can be used to describe inmates, depending on the nature of their detention, include detainees, fugitives, hostages, and internees. Ultimately, the use of synonyms for the word "inmates" depends on the context in which the term is being used and the level of formality required for the audience.

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    How to use "Inmates" in context?

    Inmates are individuals confined to a correctional institution by the government. This can be a jail, prison, or juvenile detention center. Detained individuals may be awaiting trial, serving a sentence, or residing in a halfway house.

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