What is another word for Seedlings?

Pronunciation: [sˈiːdlɪŋz] (IPA)

Seedlings are the young plants that grow from a seed or a shoot. There are several synonyms for seedlings that could be used interchangeably such as saplings, sprouts, seed starts, young trees, seedlings, and seedlings in the nursery stage. Additionally, other plants have their own specific names, such as cubs for young bears and chicks for young chicks. In general, seedlings represent the beginning stages of life for a plant and are often protected and cultivated in nurseries before being transplanted into their permanent growing location. Regardless of the term used, properly caring for the young plants is essential to fostering healthy and productive growth.

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The word "Seedlings" refers to young plants grown from seed. The antonyms for "Seedlings" would be those terms which denote the opposite of this trait. Some of the antonyms for "Seedlings" could include mature plants, adult trees, or fruit-bearing plants. Another set of antonyms could include barren lands, deserts, or wastelands where nothing grows. Essentially, the antonyms for "Seedlings" are terms that highlight the opposite of growth, cultivation, and propagation of plants from seeds. These terms suggest the absence of life or lack of progress in terms of plant development.

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Usage examples for Seedlings

The following spring Seedlings came up out of the loose earth heaped about the rabbit burrows, and as they were not cut down by the rabbits, for they dislike the elder, they grew up, and now formed a clump of fifty or sixty little trees of six feet to eight feet in height.
"Afoot in England"
W.H. Hudson
There is nothing more difficult in the rearing of cacao Seedlings than in growing any other evergreen fruit tree.
"Cacao Culture in the Philippines"
William S. Lyon
An' what is cut won't yield Seedlings.
"The Desert of Wheat"
Zane Grey

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