What is another word for peers?

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Peers are defined as individuals who share a similar status or position in a specific group or society. Some synonyms for the term peers include colleagues, comrades, equals, counterparts, co-workers, contemporaries, associates, allies, and partners. These words express the idea of people who are closely associated, work together, or share common experiences and characteristics. Using synonyms for peers can help to broaden the vocabulary and make written or spoken communication more interesting and varied. These words can be used in a variety of contexts, including academic and professional settings, as well as in everyday conversations.

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    How to use "Peers" in context?

    Among humans, peer-reviewed research has been a reliable predictor of scientific achievements. peers have also been shown to be a powerful determinant for individual learning and educational outcomes. Studies have demonstrated that when students have a strong network of like-minded peers, they are more likely to develop a strong interest in their chosen academic area, to ask questions and engage in problem-solving, to collaborate on assignments, and to persist in their learning. What's more, these positive outcomes are not simply the result of collaborative work; they are also the result of the positive interactions among peers.

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