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Patients are individuals seeking medical care, and there are many synonyms for this word. A few of these synonyms include client, customer, recipient, sufferer, and victim. Each term conveys an aspect of the relationship between the patient and medical care provider. For example, "client" suggests a business relationship where the patient is seeking specific services from a provider. "Sufferer" and "victim" suggest the patient is going through some form of hardship or distress. These synonyms are useful for medical professionals in communicating with each other and patients. It is important for medical professionals to use language that patients can understand while also accurately conveying important medical information.

How to use "Patients" in context?

Patients are people who are receiving medical care. Patients can be any age, race, or sex. Patients receive medical care in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Patients receive medical care for a variety of reasons, including to prevent illness or injury, to diagnose or treat a health problem, or to provide comfort. Patients can also receive medical care for cosmetic reasons, such as to improve their appearance. Patients usually receive medical care in a hospital or clinic by a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional.

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