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[ˌə͡ʊvəkˈʌm], [ˌə‍ʊvəkˈʌm], [ˌəʊ_v_ə_k_ˈʌ_m]

Synonyms for Overcome:

dejected (adjective)

anguished, anxious, blue, contemplative, dejected, depressed, despairing, despondent, disconsolate, discouraged, disheartened, dispirited, dolorous, downhearted, dreary, gloomy, glum, grim, heartbroken, joyless, lachrymose, melancholy, miserable, moody, morose, mournful, pensive, plaintive, sad, sullen, wistful, woeful.

defeat (verb)

beat, capture, checkmate, conquer, crush, defeat, foil, humble, master, outdo, outplay, overpower, overthrow, overturn, predominate, quell, rout, subdue, subject, surmount, triumph, trounce, trump, vanquish, whip, win.

defeated (verb)

beaten, captured, checkmated, conquered, crushed, defeated, foiled, humbled, mastered, outdid, outdone, outplayed, overcame, overpowered, overthrew, overthrown, overturned, predominated, quelled, routed, subdued, subjected, surmounted, triumphed, trounced, trumped, vanquished, whipped, won.

dominate (verb)

Lord, better, command, control, dominate, oppress, oversee, preside, prevail, rule, subordinate, succeed.

dominated (verb)

bettered, commanded, controlled, dominated, lorded, oppressed, oversaw, overseen, presided, prevailed, ruled, subordinated, succeeded.

succeed (verb)

accomplish, achieve, ascend, attain, consummate, earn, fulfill.

succeeded (verb)

accomplished, achieved, ascended, attained, consummated, earned, fulfilled.

Other synonyms and related words:

GM, Overmatch, absorb, abused, ace, achieve first place, aching, acquire, admiration, affect, affected, afflicted, agitate, all up with, allay, allay one's excitability, amaze, amazed, amazement, annihilate, appease, apprehend, appropriate, assuage, astonish, astonished, astonishment, astound, astounded, at a discount, at a loss, at a loss for words, back, baffle, baffled, bastinado, batter, battered, be able to, be absorbed by, be the victor, be victorious, be victorious over, bear down, beat hollow, beat out, bedazzle, bedazzled, beery, befuddled, belabor, bemused, benumb, best, bested, bewilder, bewildered, blanket, blind, blind drunk, blitz, blotto, blow mind, blow one's mind, blown upon, bombed, boozy, borne down, bounce back, bowed down, bowl over, bowled over, break, break the habit, bridle, bring down, bring low, bring under control, broken, broken-down, broken-hearted, brokenhearted, brought down, brought low, brought to ruin, bruise, bruised, burden, burdened, buried, bury, calm, cap, careworn, carry, carry the day, carry off, carry the day, castigate, catch, catch up with, cause, charm, chasten, chastise, check, cheerless, choke back, choke down, clasp, clear, clobber, clutch, clutches, combat, come first, come out on top, come over, communicate, compensate, compose, compromise, confound, confounded, confuse, confused, confute, conquest, consternation, constrain, consume, contain, convince, cope, corned, countervail, court, cover, cow, cowed, crapulous, crazed, cream, cripple, cross, crucify, crush down, cudgel, curb, cure, cut, cut across, cut through, cut up, dash, dashed, daze, dazzle, dazzled, dead drunk, deck, decrepit, defenceless, deject, deluge, demolish, demoralise, demoralised, demoralize, demoralized, depress, desolate, desolated, destroy, destroyed, deter, dethrone, devastate, devastated, devastating, develop, devour, dilapidated, disallow, disarmed, discipline, discombobulate, discomfit, discomfited, discourage, disgraced, disguised, dismal, disoriented, dispatch, distance, disturb, dizzy, do in, doleful, done for, done in, douse, down, down fallen, downed, downtrodden, draw over, drink in, drown, drub, dumbfound, dumfound, eat up, eclipse, elevated, eliminate, engage, engram, engulf, engulfed, enlist, enshroud, enslave, enthral, envelop, enveloped, euchre, exceed, excel, exhaust, exploited, extinguish, fall due, fallen, fatigue, fell, felled, finish, finish first, fix, fixed, flabbergast, flabbergasted, flog, flood, flood out, flooded, floor, floored, flummox, flustered, flyover, force, forlorn, fou, fresh, frustrate, fuddled, funereal, gain, gain a victory, gain over, gain the ascendancy, get, get the best of, get the better of, get across, get around, get over, get round, get the best, get the better of, get the hang, get well, give, glorious, gnarled, go one better, go over, go someone one better, gram, gramme, grammes, grams, grasp, grief-stricken, grind, grip, groggy, hammer, hamper, handle, have the best, heart-stricken, heart-struck, heartsick, heartstricken, heavy-hearted, held, helpless, hinder, hold, hold back, hold in, hors de combat, humiliate, hurdle, hypnotize, immerse, impotent, improve, improve on, in, in a trance, in bad repute, in blank amazement, in one's cups, in the background, in the shade, inconsolable, inebriate, inebriated, inebrious, infect, influenced, inhibit, intoxicated, inundate, inundated, invite, jar, jolt, keep back, keep down, keep in control, knock, knock for six, knock over, knock socks off, laid low, lambasted, lathered, lay low, lick, licked, limit, loaded with shame, lost, love of superiority, low, lugubrious, lushy, mad, make head against, make helpless, make submissive, make subservient, make up for, maltreated, manage, master one's feelings, maudlin, mediate, mellow, memory, mental suffering, merry, mesmerize, mistreated, moderate, mortify, moved, muddled, muzzy, mystified, nappy, negotiate, neurasthenic, neutralise, neutralize, nonplus, nonplussed, obfuscated, obsess, obsessed, obtain, on the skids, oust, out, out at elbows, out cold, out of countenance, out of fashion, out of favor, out of repute, outbalance, outclass, outdistance, outflank, outfox, outgeneral, outgo, outgun, outlive, outmaneuver, outmatch, outperform, outshine, outstrip, outvote, outweigh, outwit, overbalance, overbear, overborne, overburden, overcome a difficulty, overexcited, overhaul, overload, overmaster, overmastered, overmatched, overpass, overreach, overridden, override, overset, overtake, overtaken, overtax, overtop, overweigh, overwhelm, overwhelm someone, overwhelmed, overwrought, panicked, paralyse, paralysed, paralyzed, pass, passed out, perfect, perplexed, persuade, perturb, plagued, pommel, potulent, potvaliant, pound, powerless, pre-empt, preoccupy, preponderate, prevail over, prevail against, prevail over, prevail upon, prevail with, primed, procure, propitiate, prostrate, prostrated, psych out, pulverize, put out, put to flight, put to rout, puzzled, quash, quench, raddled, ragged, rattle, ravage, reanimate, reawaken, rebound, recover, reduce, reduced to jelly, relish, render, render insensible, rendered helpless, repress, repress one's excitability, repulse, resolve, restrain, resurrect, revel in, revitalize, revive, revivify, rise above, rueful, ruin, ruined, run over, rush, scale, scattered, scourge, screwed, se tirer d'affaire, seize, send flying, settle hash, settled, sewed up, shabby, shake, shake up, shaken, shatter, shattered, shock, shocked, shoot-down, shot, shot to pieces, shower, silence, silenced, skin, skinned, skinned alive, skunk, slap down, slaughter, smash, smashed, smite, smitten, smother, snow under, snuff out, soften up, sombre, soothe, sorrowful, spank, speechless, spread, squash, squelch, squiffy, stagger, staggered, stamp down, stampeded, stare down, startle, startled, stem the current, stem the tide, stem the torrent, stiff, stifle, stoned, stop, stricken, strike, strike dumb, stun, stunned, stupefied, stupefy, subjugate, subjugated, submerge, success, sunk, superiority, suppress, surmount a difficulty, surpass, surprise, surprised, surround, survive, swallow, swallow back, swallow up, swamp, swamped, sweep over, swept off one's feet, switch, take, take aback, take breath away, take first prize, take precedence, take the honours, taken, talk over, tame, tattered, tax, temulent, temulentive, thrash, thrive, throw, throw down, throw off balance, thwart, tide over, tight, tip the scales, tipsy, tire, top, top-heavy, topple, tormented, tower above, tower over, track, transcend, transmit, travel past, traverse, trim, trimmed, trip, trip up, triumph over, trouble, turn a corner, twist one's arm, tyrannize, tyrannized, unable to continue, unbrace, under a cloud, under an eclipse, undermine, undo, undone, unglued, unhappy, unhorse, unman, unmanned, unnerve, unnerved, unseat, unsettle, unstring, unstrung, upend, upset, victory, vote down, vote out, waste, weak, weaken, wean away from, wean from, wear down, wear out, weary, weather, weather a point, weather the storm, weigh down, whelm, whelmed, whitewash, whittled, win out, win out over, win over, woebegone, worst, worsted, wrap, wrecked.

Quotes for Overcome:

  1. I truly believe that we can overcome any hurdle that lies before us and create the life we want to live. I have seen it happen time and time again. Gillian Anderson.
  2. Negation is the mind's first freedom, yet a negative habit is fruitful only so long as we exert ourselves to overcome it, adapt it to our needs; once acquired it can imprison us. Emile M. Cioran.
  3. If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges. Pat Riley.