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[bˈʌŋɡə͡l], [bˈʌŋɡə‍l], [b_ˈʌ_ŋ_ɡ_əl]

Synonyms for Bungle:

err (verb)

blunder, botch, err, fluff, goof, mar, miscalculate, misconceive, misconstrue, misestimate, misjudge, slip, stumble, trip.

Other synonyms and related words:

Foozle, Golf foozle, Misusage, awkward, awkwardness, baby, bad job, baffle, ball up, ballocks up, barbarism, barney, bat out, be adrift, be all thumbs, be in error, be inaccurate, be incorrect, be mistaken, be unskillful, be wrong, bedevil, behave, bevue, bilk, bloomer, blooper, blot one's copybook, blow, blunder, blunder away, blunder into, blunder on, blunder upon, blunderer, bluster, boast, bobble, bodge, boggle, bollix, bollix up, bollocks up, bonehead play, boo-boo, boob, boot, botch up, botcher, brag, breach, bugger, bugger up, bull, bumble, bumbler, bungler, bungling, burn out, burst suddenly, butcher, clanger, clumsy, clumsy performance, clunky, cock up, coddle, commit a gaffe, confuse, confusion, cosset, cross, cumbersome, dash off, defect, deflower, depart, despoil, destroy, disappoint, disarrange, disorder, disorganize, do anyhow, do by halves, do carelessly, do offhand, drift, drop, drop a brick, drop a clanger, drop the ball, entangle, error, etourderie, excursion, exhale hard, expedition, fail, failure, fake up, falter, fault, faux pas, fellate, fiasco, fiddle around, float, flounder, flub, flunk, foil, forsake, foul, foul-up, fritter, frustrate, fuck up, fudge, fudge up, fumble, fumbler, gaffe, gas, gaucherie, gawky, go, go astray, go bad, go down on, go wrong, grope, gum up, handle clumsily, handless, harass, hash, hash up, heat up, hobble, hot up, howler, impair, impropriety, inapt, incapable, incompetent, incongruity, inconsistency, indiscretion, indulge, insolvency, journey, jumble, jury-rig, knock together, lapse, lay eggs, leave, limp, louse up, lumber, make a blunder, make a hash, make a mess, make a mess of, make a misstep, make a mistake, make a muck of, make hash of, make imperfect, maladroit, manage badly, mangle, mess, mess around, mess-up, miscarry, misconduct, miscue, mishandle, mismanage, miss, miss the mark, misspeak, misstep, mistake, misunderstanding, mollycoddle, morganatic, muck, muck up, mucker, mud, muddle, muddle along, muddle up, nonfeasance, overshoot the mark, pamper, patch, patch together, patch up, play havoc with, plunder, poor workmanship, pound out, pratfall, repair, rough out, roughcast, roughhew, ruffle, ruffle up, ruin, rumple, sad sack, sad work, scramble, screw, screw up, shoot a line, shove along, shove off, shuffle, slip-up, slipup, slubber, snafu, solecism, speak haltingly, spectacle, spend thoughtlessly, spoil, squander, stagger, stammer, stir up, stupidity, stutter, tangle, tease, throw away, throw together, thwart, toss off, toss out, toss together, tour, travel, trifle with, unbecome, ungainly, unsuccess, unwieldy, vaunt, violation, vitiate, walk unsteadily, washout, whomp up, work sloppily, wreck, wrong step.

Rhymes for Bungle:

  1. jungle, fungal;
  2. antifungal;

Quotes for Bungle:

  1. Bungle is definitely a priority right now. Trevor Dunn.
  2. The bungle tour is a bit up in the air due to the fact this at we are getting screwed by our overseas label. Trevor Dunn.
  3. If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much. Jackie Kennedy.

Idioms of Bungle:

  1. bungle sth up;